Broadcom 6345 Linux distribution

Project Description

The objective of the project is to provide a flexible, full working Linux distribution for Broadcom 6435 chip based routers (some examples are US Robotics 9105/9106, Siemens SE515, Dynalink RTA230, Buffalo WMR-G54 Inventel DW 200 and TCom Sinus 1054 DSL). If you own a different router and you think it has a Broadcom 6345 chip, please, let us know (see Contact section below).

All routers are quite cheap and come with Linux preinstalled. Some of the 6435 chip features are MIPS32® processor with MMU, a PCMCIA host, a 1.1 USB interface and a UART.

We didn't still make any release. The more you help us, the sooner we'll make the first release. This is a free software project :)


What has already been done


Contributing and contacting us

If you want to contribute to the project (web developing, coding, site administration, hardware donations ... ) or contact us please subscribe to the brcm6345-linux-devel mailing list

Important Notes

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